Photos for your Jewelry Website

The only photos you need for your Etsy , Amazon Store and Website.

Hey designer, so I imagine with everything you are doing with your jewelry design business, photography of your designs is one of many to-dos on your never-ending list, am I right? Seriously, I know that you know it is a priority, I mean how can you sell an item in your Etsy store or on your website without them? We live in a very visual era and people want no need to see your jewelry designs before purchasing. Can you imagine a virtual world with NO PICTURES? We’d have to be reading about everything and use well thought out and extremely detailed descriptions (which I don’t know about you, but WORDS are my kryptonite) and try to use our imaginations on what your pieces even look like let alone HOW they wear.

So, let’s talk about what minimum photos you need to be selling online;                               jewelry-necklace-statement-gold-jordyn-independent-necklace-1

  1. The Hero shot- no I’m not talking about any superhero powers here, this is the first picture you show to your dream client telling them visually what your design is using the front view. Typically it is edited to have your desired and on brand backdrop color, but honestly, the norm is typically white though it doesn’t need to be. Also keep this picture prop free, meaning the only thing your dream client sees is your jewelry design and nothing else.                                                 Box_and_Mari-767x767
  2. Angles- All the different sides (both sides and back) of your design that will not only showcase your unique design and special detailing but also help inform your client what it is they’re looking at. I don’t know how many times I personally thought I was looking at a pendant online and then to only be disappointed that it was, in fact, a brooch, boo!                                                                 Carmen ring Cate & Chloe
  3. Lifestyle- These pictures will be your top selling images for they are shot on a real-life model, not a mannequin. These bad boys will actually make or break the sale. Your dream client needs to see how your jewelry is wearable, how it moves or doesn’t, color change in different lighting, and to see the actual size you get the picture (no pun intended). Think of it this way, this is how your client can “see and feel” your jewelry without actually doing so, and that’s why it is crucial you show them and convince them your designs are in fact fabulous and they can’t live without them.

You will need a minimum of 4 pictures of each one of your designs, do you have that many for all your pieces? Which ones are you missing?

Please leave any comments or questions below, and I will respond back to you.

To learn more, please check out our Jewelry Photography Course, here.


Happy Shooting!

Katy 🙂

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