Best background for your jewelry website.

I am often asked, “How important is it to have a white background for my jewelry?” My answer for that is not very.


Whaaat??? You ask.


Yes, having a white background is really only important for certain things such as your wholesale list, hero shot (explained in the 4 photos you need for your listing) and for your graphic designer, which in this case is most likely you, am I right? THAT’S IT.


The background you choose for your jewelry photos can be whatever you want really, as long as it is aliened with your brand voice or identity.


Meaning, if you use materials or design pieces inspired from the sea then you wouldn’t use steel industrial looking backgrounds or use faux fur, right? NO. You would want to evoke easy going and super chill vibes lifestyle, by using sand, drift wood, shells…the list goes on. Make sense? Good.


beach jewelry


Also, which ever background or backdrop you use keep it simple, don’t go all cray and use too many props that end up taking focus away from your jewelry. FYI, the best rule of thumb is to keep your number of props to 2-3 tops. Choose one background, yes just one, and use that throughout your website and listings. Have you ever browsed through Etsy and seen some designers use different backgrounds for each of their listings? It gets overwhelming and confusing right? Yeah keep it simple and use just one.




Now, for your social media, that’s where it can get fun! You can get really creative here and change it up, like seasonally or for styling, just remember to stay within your brand voice, don’t get shiny object syndrome and put in something waay out of character for your business. We don’t want to create any confusion with your clients, cause that could mean lost sales, and you don’t want that right?


Just remember SCC, Simple Consistent and Cohesive.


If you want to see me talk about this in further detail please join my free private Facebook group, GEM STORIES.






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